Falling down. Getting up.

I won the lottery. I grew up in a loving home, never went to bed hungry, received a great education, and have good health. Combining my father’s continual encouragement to be self-employed with my desire to teach, I started a high school when I was twenty-four and have enjoyed a profession in educational entrepreneurship ever since.

After decade at my school, Benton Hall in Nashville, I became a professor at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. My professor friends said I would never leave a tenured position, but the winter of 96-97 kept us from getting to grandma’s and vice versa, so I resigned my faculty spot, and moved my family and four employees to South Dakota where we continued to publish The Education Industry Report, which I sold in 2000. I have been involved since that time as an executive with national education company for students with special needs and at-risk youth.  Somewhere in the late 1990’s, I started writing fiction.