Falling down. Getting up.

essay of my best friend Tanzanian PurseLast week, twenty-two Peppermint Energy solar generators, the 2000 watt Forty2 models, began their journey from Sioux Falls to Dar es Salaam.  When they reach the port in Tanzania’s capital city, they will be picked up and taken to the Diocese of Same in the Kilimanjaro Region.

Each generator can provide a continual supply of electricity, enough to energize a small home – refrigerator, television, and 24 LED lights.  One generator can provide public lighting or power a pump or a sewing machine or charge cell phones.

The generators are a gift from Mater Dei Africa, a few Midwestern friends of a Tanzanian priest.  They are a small part of an effort to promote sustainable, ecumenical development in the Kilimanjaro Region.

Many thanks to those who helped fund the project and those who fund Mater Dei Africa.  By July there will be pictures of the generators in action.

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