Falling down. Getting up.

math homework help yahoo photo (3)From the time I was ten years old until I was 25, the news seemed dominated by one word: Vietnam. I had a number of teachers in my middle school years that strongly encouraged watching the evening news, a custom that today seems quaint and nostalgic. (I watched Walter Cronkite on the CBS Evening News.) Pop quizzes on current events were common in the eighth and ninth grades.

http://www.danceillustrated.co.uk/?educ=maps10 Today we get our news from a plethora of services. There’s little in the way of common speak gathered at a common place. Regardless, there is a location that will remain in the news as far into the future as I can see. That place, which is now a daily location for world news, is Africa.

Resource rich, gerrymandered by colonialism, population exploding, Aids riddled, poverty stricken sub-Saharan Africa is crucial to the world’s future. There is a race going on for control of its dramatic mineral resources.  There is a race going on for evangelization of its people. There is a race going on to curb malaria, cure Aids, and to desperately try to eradicate polio for the Horn, and hence from the world.   Let’s hope that the lessons learned in Vietnam, and Kuwait, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Nicaragua and onward, help us in our relations with Africa.

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