Falling down. Getting up.

shooting an elephant essay In most healing processes, there comes a time when people admit that they are a big part of the problem. Whether it is marital discord, addiction, or international relations, it is often far easier to point the finger at the other party than at oneself.

There’s not a healthy person in America that doesn’t want our public schools to produce self-motivated life-long learners, racial harmony, a drug and violence fee youth, as well as students with a competitive spirit and a cooperative heart. These are universal hopes that generation after generation of Americans have had for their children. What’s more, families in each generation have made sacrifices to further these kind of hopes.

Schools represent our best hope and our collective future. Schools reflect the societies they serve. The chronic problems that plague public education reflect the discord between what we want and what we’ll give. Our society, our adult society, has failed to be a role model and failed to nurture the next generation by demonstrating our own taming, rather we have been recklessly indulging our own desires to have everything and to have it now.  As Walt Kelly said through Pogo in 1971, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

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