Falling down. Getting up.


source url   It’s that time of year again, dandelion season. This is the time of year for those who don’t poison their lawns to kill all vegetation except the one introduced, non-native, invasive species of grass deemed worthy of life, to feel the antipathy of neighbors and passers-by. Among America’s most massed induced social constructs is […]

Talk About the Weather

http://www.maggiejeans.com/?educ=maps20 On May 1st, we had four inches of snow. Yesterday it was 85 degrees.  Everyone likes to complain about the weather.  It’s politically safe and won’t sue you for defamation no matter what you say.  It’s not fake news but something that everyone can see and everyone lives with.  Yet personal interpretations are generally accepted […]

Windy City Memories


follow When I recently flew out of Chicago and looked down on the city, it struck me the number of ways in which I am connected to it.  My father was born there and I have childhood memories of visiting relatives and the Brookfield Zoo.  I attended The University of Chicago for a master’s degree from […]